Sustainable Pressed Caviar

  • Sustainably farmed in the USA
  • Also known as, "Payusnaya," the Russian term for pressed caviar
  • No borax, or other potentially unhealthy preservatives common in caviar and roe products

Our Pressed Caviar is produced domestically and sustainably in the USA. The flavor profile is strong, but the texture is creamy and smooth with the caviar coming from the eggs of the Paddlefish, Hackleback Sturgeon, and White Sturgeon. 

Pressed Caviar is also known as "Payusnaya" in Russia, where there is a long tradition of consuming, rather than wasting, caviar eggs that break or are imperfect during extraction from sturgeons. Since those sturgeons were often too mature, the eggs were typically not up to par in terms of taste and roundness in comparison to perfectly beaded caviar from sturgeons harvested at the right time of their ovulation. As a result, Payusnaya became synonymous with lower quality caviar. 

However, thanks to the continued popularity of caviar and a renewed interest in different ways to consume the delicacy, Pressed Caviar became popular again in the USA and Europe. This time, with superb tasting eggs that may just look imperfect because they have been nicked during the extraction process and thus lost their perfectly round appearance. 

Pressed Caviar is one of the best ways to enjoy caviar as almost a spread, in addition to its usual consumption alongside blinis, salted chips, and fried potatoes generally. 

Because our caviar is not tainted with harmful preservatives, we strongly recommend consuming it within 7 days of receiving it. 

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