Exotica Food is an online, direct-from-the source purveyor of specialty food and lifestyle products, including fresh truffles, sustainably harvested and borax-free caviar, unique fruit, Japanese wagyu, uni or sea urchin and exotic seafood. 

Based in New York and New Jersey, Exotica Food began as a passion project by two entrepreneurs and foodies who had always prioritized eating, cooking, and learning about high-quality food from all over the world, but had never taken the leap into the food industry.

The forced quarantine brought about by COVID-19 gave them the push they needed to get Exotica Food off the ground, step-by-step, and pausing their other, already profitable businesses. With patience, diligence, luck, and the loyal support of our patrons, Exotica Food has grown beyond what the founders could have initially imagined. We now deliver our products in all fifty states to retail and restaurant clients who share our enthusiasm for eating well.

Exotica Food focuses on high-quality products that tend to be seasonal and sometimes uncommon in the United States. Our collection is always expanding and ranges from Japanese White Strawberries to borax-free caviar, to in-demand seafood such as Grades AA and AAA sea urchin or uni in both trays and live, in addition to Norwegian Red King and Dungeness Crabs.

Ultimately, our mission is to make a diverse range of ingredients accessible to anyone with an interest in what they are putting into their bodies and exploring different cultures through food.