Amaou Strawberries

  • Amaou Strawberries are regarded as the best strain of red strawberries in Japan
  • 12 pieces per tray
  • Product of Japan

Amaou Strawberries are the most coveted of all red strawberry varieties in Japan. In fact, the very name “Amaou” 「あまおう」is an acronym that alludes to its main characteristics: “A” for 甘い or sweet, “M” for 丸い or round, “O” for 大き for big, and “U” for 美味い or tasty. The Amaou is all of that and quite simply, impeccable looking with its bright red color. The strawberries look and taste exactly like summer with a strong and sweet fragrance. 

These strawberries are from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Fukuoka Prefecture is located in Kyushu, the most southernmost island of Japan, excluding Okinawa. It’s well-known for its natural beauty and subtropical climate. First cultivated in 2002, Amaou Strawberries took six years of agricultural tweaking to become Japan’s most popular red strawberry with their signature sweetness and low acidity. 

Like the Yuki Usagi「雪うさぎ」or Snow Rabbit Strawberries, Amaou Strawberries that are basically uniform in size and shape are given as gifts for special occasions in Japan. Perhaps best savored raw, the rich fruit lends itself well to spongy Japanese Strawberry Shortcake and Ichigo Daifuku 「いちご大福」, typically a whole strawberry covered with a thin layer of red bean paste, all of which is then wrapped in mochi, or pounded Japanese rice cake.

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