Bouquet Uni (Sea Urchin) - 250 grams

  • Caught off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost main island, renown for high-quality seafood
  • Grade AA (close to the best of the best, also known as 特上 or "tokujo"; the only grade higher is Grade AAA)

Bouquet or Cask Uni is also known as Taru Uni 「樽うに」is especially sought-after because of the high-quality uni that is slightly sweeter than the Bafun variety, as well as the skill required to arrange each uni tongue without damaging them.

Please note, this item may take between 7-10 days to be delivered since it usually sells out in local Japanese markets. While the quality of the uni is constant, the tray color may vary depending on what is available in-market. 

The rarity of this offering makes it perfect for special events and extravagant gifts. 

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