Diver Foraged Live Uni (Sea Urchin)

  • Foraged by divers
  • Sourced from California and Maine, depending on seasonality and weather 

Sourced domestically within the USA from both the West and East Coast, our live sea urchin or uni 「うに」are diver foraged. 

Most sea urchin need to be pried gently off rocks by divers. These thorny animals are very slow moving and the depth at which they are found can determine their size. More moderate-sized urchins are found in shallower waters, while larger sea urchin dwell deeper. 

The edible part of uni are its four or five tongues, or sexual organs that can range from orange to yellow to golden hues. Since its popularity in 1980s Japan, uni has become increasingly sought-after throughout the world for its unique creamy and soft taste of the ocean. High-quality uni should melt in your mouth; cracking fresh uni open yourself is a unique experience only possible with real food. 

Tips to open fresh uni from its spiky shell:

1. Cautiously and carefully wear gloves to trim off (with a pair of strong scissors) the sharp ends of the spines until the spines are dull. This may require you to cut close to the base of the uni. Please remember that gloves are also necessary to minimize the chance that ink from the uni's exterior will rub transfer to your hands. 

2. With its mouth facing you, make sure the spines around it are cut until dull and remove that side of the shell with your pair of scissors. At this point, you should be able to see the tongues in the shell. 

3. Remove all the liquid from the shell and place the uni in very cold, salty water, so that it mimics the icy ocean conditions of its natural environment. Be on the lookout for anything in the shell or attached to the tongues that may be undesirable. 

4. Consume immediately for optimum taste and freshness. 


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