Free Range, Cage-Free Jidori Eggs (12 Eggs)

  • Free Range & Cage-Free
  • 12 eggs in one carton
  • Hinai-Jidori breed of chickens are fed only a vegetarian diet.

Jidori Eggs 「地鶏たまご」are prized and favored in Japan for their darker yellow egg yolks. Just as high-quality beef is graded, eggs are also assessed by yolk color density according to the Roche Egg pigmentation scale. Yolk color is assessed because of different countries' cultural preferences in regards to their foods' colors. While in the United States, a light yellow egg yolk is preferred and considered standard, the Japanese preference is for a darker shade of yellow for the egg yolk because they are considered healthier and more nutritious. 

The breed of Hinai-Jidori chickens that lay Jidori eggs are fed only a vegetarian diet, usually flower petals; chrysanthemum petals are the choice feed. The red flower petals of the chrysanthemum are believed to give the yolks its darker, orange hue.  This also makes them higher in carotene, or Vitamin A. The chickens are also allowed to live cage-free and free range. 

While Jidori eggs in Japan are commonly cracked atop a bowl of warm white rice and consumed raw with thin slices of beef and other ingredients, as well as in sukiyaki generally, in the United States it is just as good as a fluffy omelette, sunny-side up eggs, or cooked in a bowl of ramen. 

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