Fresh Burgundy Truffles

  • Fresh burgundy truffles foraged in Europe
  • Free delivery within Jersey City, Newport, and Hoboken with 2 oz minimum order
  • Highly perishable product

Fresh burgundy truffles foraged in Europe. We know our logistics chain and source our truffles on a weekly basis. 

Earthy taste with the unique smell and texture of truffles that many food lovers adore. The expense of a fresh truffle is related to its foraging process: truffles must be foraged by hand or by trained truffle dogs and have not been successfully cultivated commercially. While commercial truffle cultivation has been tried in China, the results so far have not replicated the taste of wild truffle found in its natural habitat --- usually under certain trees and only in certain climates. 

Truffle size and shape does not dictate taste. Though a premium can be charged for visually ideal (perfectly round) truffles, the importance of that preference is cosmetic only and does not impact its flavor profile. 

Burgundy truffles are especially decadent atop pastas, with eggs and caviar, and in open-faced sandwiches with Iberico or Wagyu meat. 

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