Fresh Summer Black Truffles

  • Fresh Summer Black Truffles 
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  • Highly perishable product

Summer Black Truffles could easily be mistaken for their cousin, Perigord Truffles. However, unlike Perigord Truffles, which are coveted partially for their signature burgundy scent, Summer Black Truffles have a notably milder scent and taste profile. 

As the name suggests, the Summer Black Truffle's scent and taste tends to reach its peak when harvested during the summer, though it appears as early as late spring. Still, Summer Black Truffles harvested during the summer can be perfect for people who like a hint of truffle, rather than a full-flavored truffle taste and smell that can often hijack dishes. That subtlety allows the Summer Black Truffle to be used in more versatile ways. 

Once shaved or cut, the Summer Black Truffle's interior can vary in color from whitish-blonde to hazelnut veins. To best enjoy Summer Black Truffles, they should be shaved or cut generously atop dishes and always warmed. 

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