Fresh Wasabi

  • Sold by the pound or by piece.
  • From Nagano, Japan.

Fresh Wasabi 「わさび」is also known as Japanese Horseradish. In the USA and many other countries outside of Japan, the green, pre-made paste that is presented as wasabi is often a mishmash of starch, green food coloring, horseradish, and mustard. Little or no real wasabi root is typically used in wasabi paste. 

 Real wasabi root is more expensive than its mass produced paste counterpart because it is not cultivated easily. To thrive, it requires non-direct sunlight and high humidity in the summertime, for instance. 

The wasabi we source is from Nagano, a city and prefecture in the middle of Japan, that is famous for having a large commercial wasabi farm. The taste and heat of fresh wasabi root is unique with its spice and slightly hot flavor that simultaneously leaves a tingling sensation in the nose. 

Highly recommended grated in small quantities atop white sushi rice with your seafood of choice; we especially like it paired with unagi or Japanese-style eel because of its complimentary sweetness. The bravest of the brave enjoy it shaved atop a scoop of ice cream. 

*Pricing varies according to seasonality and availability. The price quoted is per pound. Send us an email at for the price per piece. 

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