Geoduck (1 lb)

  • Sourced from Seattle 
  • Sizing and coloring of the geoduck's long neck may vary
  • Perfect as sushi, sashimi, or donburi, and seasoned with yuzu 

Geoduck is well-known for its unique appearance, and comical squirting of water and sand from its mouth when threatened. 

Most often domestically, in addition to Alaska, geoduck are most often found in the Pacific Northwest. In seafood restaurants in Seattle, for instance, the geoduck served raw and sliced, or lightly grilled, is fairly common and noted for its briny, clean, and chewy taste. It is a perfect example of food reflecting its terroir or environment. 

While geoduck is growing in popularity in the United States, it has always been considered a delicacy in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. 

Our team personally enjoys fresh geoduck sushi, followed by juicy Japanese white strawberries, or bright red Amaou. The perfect taste of summer. 

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