Hokkaido Uni (Sea Urchin)

  • 100 or 150 grams 
  • Grade A and Grade AA available  (highest grade for uni, besides the ultimate highest grade of Grade AAA, otherwise known as 極上 or "gokujo" which is the highest quality uni available in terms of golden color, firmness, and taste).

Uni 「うに」, known also as sea urchin, is sourced from Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture of Japan, world-famous for its high-quality, fresh seafood, onsen or natural hot spring baths, and beautiful skiing resorts. 

Uni are the gonads, or sexual organs of the animal. Each live uni has five tongues, or individual pieces. Hokkaido uni is especially known for its array of golden hues and firm and slightly sweet taste. 

Uni is graded from A to AAA, with the highest grade being AAA. Criteria include vividness of color, firmness of gonads, and its unique sweet, briny taste that should reflect its terroir or environment. 

For foodies who are not yet acquainted with uni, it tastes like the ocean. For foodies already in love with uni, this variety is a tasty side dish to spicy ramen noodles or sparingly atop toast also adorned with a thin slice of Monterey Jack cheese. 

*If you have, or suspect you have a seafood allergy, please do not consume this product. 

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