Hoshigaki (Dried Japanese Persimmons)

  • Hand-massaged Ichidagaki, premium quality. 
  • Approximately 450 grams. 
  • Product of Japan.

Hoshigaki 「干し柿」are dried Japanese persimmons that are renown for being naturally sweet and chewy with a hint of the tropical. Hoshigaki demand a higher price tag than persimmons that are dried and then preserved with sulfates because they are all-natural.

The persimmons are peeled carefully. They are then hung on a line to dry for about 6-8 weeks minimum. Throughout that period, each persimmon is hand massaged either daily or every other day, to draw its natural sugars to the surface, resulting in a  white, powdery hue on their surface. 

The tradition of Hoshigaki date back to Japan's Heian period of 794-1185. This method of air drying and massaging persimmons gained popularity because the fruit's taste held up throughout the winter. Hoshigaki also allowed certain types of persimmons to be utilized before they would normally be ripe enough to eat. 

Enjoy the healthy treat with a cup of unsweetened, dairy-free Japanese or Turkish tea.

 *Large size (about 700 grams or 1.54 lb) is also available. Packaged in a box. E-mail us at info@exoticafood.com for more details. 

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