Japanese White Strawberries

  • 8-11 Pieces Per Tray, depending on the farm's harvest
  • Product of Japan
  • Highly perishable; it’s best to consume as soon as possible

Yuki Usagi 「雪うさぎ」 means “White Rabbit.” These Japanese White Rabbit Strawberries are cultivated in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Saga Prefecture is located in Kyushu, the most southernmost island of Japan, excluding Okinawa. It’s well-known for its natural beauty and subtropical climate. 

Only around five farmers in Japan cultivate the Yuki Usagi variety simply because cultivating any breed of white strawberries is very demanding in terms of labor and cost. Farmers who dedicate themselves to growing white strawberries must reduce the fruit’s exposure to sunlight in order to minimize anthocyanin levels. Reducing that pigment level allows only approximately 10 percent of each crop to meet the criteria required to be deemed a white strawberry. In addition, a lot of physical space is required to grow this beautiful fruit. 

Unlike red strawberries most Americans are familiar with, Japanese white strawberries are highly prized because of their gorgeous snowy color, aromatic pineapple-peach scent, and totally smooth, sweet taste. There is no hint of tanginess or tartness. In Japan, because of their rarity, beauty, and incomparable taste profile, white strawberries are presented as gifts for special occasions. 

Enjoy as a standalone delicacy, fruit shake with slices garnishing the top, or accoutrements to an ice cream or pastry. 

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