Japanese Wagyu Ribeye A5 Steak (16 oz)

  • Flash frozen
  • Product of Kagoshima, Japan

Our Ribeye A5 cut of Japanese Wagyu is sourced from Kagoshima, Japan, where approximately 20% of all Japanese wagyu is sourced from. Located in southwestern Japan, the mild climate is perfect for the healthy growth of Japan's famous wagyu cattle 「和牛」.

Japanese Wagyu is prized for its tenderness, which comes from its hearty marbling. The best Wagyu is the product of their genetic make-up, which naturally has a higher percentage of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as their diet and free roaming lifestyle. 

"A5" is the highest grade (C is the lowest) available for wagyu. The "5" designation is based on a scale of 1-5 and scrutinizes the:

• Beef Fat Quality

• Beef Color Quality

• Texture and firmness 

• Yield (edible meat from the cut, excluding anything that needs to be trimmed). Yield is graded from A to C, with A featuring the highest yield. The remaining four categories

Whether at home or a restaurant, Japanese wagyu is best enjoyed grilled with a little bit of oil or butter and salt and pepper, according to taste. 



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