Norwegian Red King Crab

  • Best enjoyed steamed or grilled with light seasoning
  • Approximately 6 lbs
  • Caught wild off the waters of Norway

The Norwegian Red King Crab is often the most coveted species of crab, known for its bold appearance and sweet, tender flesh. Our smallest catch is approximately 6 lbs. The Norwegian Red King Crab's claws, tails, and legs are meaty and savory. 

Its luxurious price tag and reputation are primarily due to the difficulties associated with sustainably catching the crab, which the Norwegian government allows all-year round, but with a quota in place. Despite their theoretical ability to be caught 365 days a year, they're not easy catch. Typically, the crabs are found in fjords, or long, narrow, and deep inlets of the sea surrounded on both sides by high cliffs. 

Perhaps surprisingly, considering their final cost to consumers, they are actually a thriving species in Norwegian waters. In fact, the Norweigan Red King Crab is an invasive species that has no natural predators; it is truly a king of kings. 

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