Organic Blood Orange

  • Rind color may vary, but does not necessarily indicate the depth of the fruit's crimson coloring and taste
  • Product of USA

Blood oranges originated in Sicily and Spain, but are also now cultivated in mostly Florida and California in the States. The fruit is almost crimson, somewhat resembling a grapefruit. However, the fruit's skin color can range from that of a more typical and uniform orange, to gradients of orange and red. The color of the skin does not necessarily indicate how crimson the fruit is. 

In terms of taste, blood oranges are tangier than Navel and Valencia oranges that are more commonplace in American markets, and have thicker skin as well. Their flavor profile is also more complex, with hints of grapefruit and raspberry. 

Our recommendation is to refrigerate blood oranges before eating to best enjoy their refreshing flavor. Using their juice to make ice cream, gelato, or sorbet, is one of our favorite ways to enjoy this exotic fruit, along with making it into an iced juice with fresh mint leaves. For the adventurous eater who loves strong contrasting tastes, we love enjoying slices of chilled blood orange in between small bites of caviar. 

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