Tochiotome Strawberries

  • Tochiotome Strawberries are esteemed enough to have been gifted to the Emperor of Japan. 
  • 12 pieces per tray.  
  • Product of Japan.

Tochiotome Strawberries 「とちおとめ」, is a portmanteau of “Tochigi” 「栃木」 the prefecture where it was first cultivated in 1996 and “otome” 「乙女」, which means “girls.” Tochigi Prefecture is in Honshu Island, Japan’s most populous and biggest island in terms of land mass. Tochigi is known as the Kingdom of Strawberries because it produces the largest quantity and highest total sales of strawberries.

Since 1996, Tochiotome has become one of the most popular strawberry varieties in Japan, where it is also often considered a slightly more moderately priced luxury than its much physically larger counterpart, the Amaou. 

This variety has a slight strain of tanginess despite its high sugar content. In terms of shape, the Tochiotome variety is typically neat and uniform. The shiny, candy red color of the Tochiotome, in addition to the sweet and tart scent, makes it a common addition to high-end desserts throughout Japan and East Asia more broadly. 

Besides being consumed as-is, the Tochiotome is perfect as an indulgent jam, sliced raw and wedged between Hokkaido milk bread or any spongy bread generally, as well as pastries; our personal favorite is in strawberry muffins. 

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