Wild Tiger Prawns

  • Wild-caught off the waters of Baja, Mexico 
  • Firm meat with a slightly sweet taste
  • Can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including grilled, poached, fried, or steamed

Tiger Prawns are native to the Indo-West Pacific Oceans that most notably touch Southeast Asian countries and Australia. Perhaps that explains their popularity in many East and Southeast Asian countries and communities (in addition to Australia), where it's common to see these beautiful crustaceans in settings as diverse as banquet halls, street stalls, and sit-down restaurants. 

The firm meat has a tinge of sweetness. Interestingly, Tiger Prawns share an invasive nature with everyone's favorite regal crab, the Norwegian Red King Crab. Their destruction of smaller shrimps' habitats, as well as eating those smaller shrimps in disproportionately large numbers, has led to them infiltrating the Gulf of Mexico area. 

We're partial to savoring them pan fried with Shaoxing wine or grilled slightly and then dipped in mint chutney. 

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